Sofi Żezmer
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L'art dans chapelles, Sainte-Noyale, Pontivy, F

Individual presentation in the exhibition project:
L'art dans chapelles, Sainte-Noyale, Pontivy, Frankreich
18.07.2020 – 20.09.2020

Rosebud LS1

The same text silkscreened with white lacquer paint on 2 transparent glass panes 24" x 20" x 0,016". The Text is an associative collection of phrases from various contexts in which the word 'rose' appears. Natural rosebuds from Damascus, Syria, 2 drops of a natural rose-oil from Damascus (intense smell of roses), an existing stone water basin 40” x 22” x 16”. At the Altar, on the other side of the chapel, hangs a large painting depicting Maria's assumption to heaven in the middle of her rose garden.

Photo: Sofi Zezmer

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