Sofi Żezmer
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Word Portraits LS3, 2019

An interactive work: “Word Portraits LS3”

A small table and some camping stools are set up in the exhibition space. Visitors are asked to hold a 10 to 15 minute conversation with the artist, who asks each time the same three to four questions. Zezmer selects certain words from the conversations and writes them down on a piece of paper. She asks the conversation partners to underline especially important words and to draw lines and arrows between the words to show specific relationships between them and to expand on the semantic meaning of some of the words. This is done by writing additional words that are thematically related to the original ones. In this way word drawings are created becoming a kind of thought maps. The artist uses stamps and ink to transfer selected words from various word portraits to the wall nearby, on which also a pencil hangs on a long, thin cord. With it the viewers can associatively expand on the semantic meaning of the words. The result is a wall drawing that gradually becomes denser, a document of the thoughts of the viewers and in a sense also a document of the time we live in.

Photo: Patrick Bäuml

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